Farm Store

A Dream Realized

For us the Farm Store is a dream come true. We wanted a way to share the bounty of our farm work with others; while at the same time introducing visitors to the farm and its serene beauty. Stop by and have a seat on the front porch. Watch the cows grazing and chickens meandering around the barn. See the pigs sleep practically all day…only stirring about to eat and then sleep some more! Visit the farm and enjoy life at a little slower pace.

Buy Local. Shop Small.

We believe in a localized food system. Local is better for all parties involved: the farmer, the customer, the animals, the environment, the local economy. Local is better. We encourage every person to participate in their local food culture. We sell vacuumed sealed USDA Inspected Beef and Pork in individual cuts. We process chickens on the farm and our honey is produced by hardworking honey bees kept here at the farm.

Pasture PLUS Beef

These cows are enjoying the afternoon sun.

We never pull our cows off pasture. They graze 365 days a year. We mill our own feed and supplemental feed from early fall to later winter/early spring when our pasture grass is dormant. Even then, we graze the ‘stock pile’ of summer forage left over in the pastures. We offer free choice minerals to the cows year ’round. Our steers are fed our feed from the time they are weaned until they are processed.

Pasture Raised Pork and Poultry

We mill feed for our pigs and chickens. Our feed consists of corn (either grown here on the farm or locally grown by other farmers we know and trust), oats, perennial peanut hay and mineral supplementation to support specific nutritional needs of each animal species. We move the chickens everyday, so they get a consistent diet of bugs, grubs, grass seeds and worms. In other words, they live like a chicken! These daily movement also helps with pasture fertilization and parasite mitigation.

Nathan loading chickens into the livestock trailer to await processing. These birds were processed at 10-weeks of age and average 4-lbs each – the perfect size for a family meal!

We’re in the process of rebuilding our pig pastures following the destruction of Hurricane Michael in October 2018. We hope to have our pig pasture re-established by January 2020. The new pig pasture will include an open-air farrowing barn, loading/working corral and feed storage area. We also plan to develop a silvopasture for the pigs that will include forage chufas, sorghum and many varieties of fruit and nut producing trees. This project is going to be quite an undertaking, but we believe it will raise the bar on our already fabulous pork!