Field Trip!

A HUGE Thank You to Kate Smith Elementary School’s 5th Grade for joining us on May 24th for a time of fun and learning about agriculture and homestead farming. Special Thanks to Casey, Benjamin, Reagan, Samuel & Carlton Roach, Stacey Warden, Jerry And Krin Smith, Dalton & Samuel Godwin, Daniel Chicas, Danny Melvin, David & June Horton, Garrett, Dylan & Nathan Ziglar for your incredible help and support for our family and farm. We couldn’t have hosted nearly 200-people without you! It was a great morning on the farm.

Part of our goal here on the farm is to promote an understanding of where food comes from and how it is produced. On this recent field trip, we divided the students into seven groups and these groups traversed the farm learning about cows, goats, honey bees, compost & soil, pigs, chickens and fishing! It was a cool experience for us and we hope it was equally as cool for the soon-to-be middle schoolers as they learned why we do what we do here at The Lazy Acres Family Farm.

buckwheat image
Cover Crop with several varieties of plants including Buckwheat. Buckwheat is helpful for all pollinators including honey bees.

Willie Nelson has been credited with saying, “Take your kids to a farm so they don’t think food comes from a box!” In our society today, a nearly unlimited selection and variety of food is so readily available that if we aren’t careful we may get to a point where we take food for granted. Food is critical to life; Good Food, like the food we produce here on the Farm, makes life a little sweeter. Producing good food is work, takes patience and persistence but is very rewarding.

We encourage you, even challenge you – find a local farmer and buy some of your food directly from their farm. Give the farmer a chance to explain how this food was produced.